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Importance of Vehicle Maintenance.

Whether you run a single vehicle or a large fleet, keeping your vehicles in a roadworthy condition is good for your business, good for the environment and keeps road users safer.

By performing routine maintenance on your van it will greatly reduce the risk of problems occurring in the future as well as improving the driving quality of your vehicle.

Van Maintenance Checks.

. Regular fluid checks – it is essential to check your vehicles fluid levels, such as oil and engine coolant. If you find that any of these are low it is vital that you add the required fluids.

. Regular Oil Changes – this allows the engine to run smoothly.

. Check Tyre Pressures – not having the correct tyre pressures can lead to excess wear and result in you having to change your tyres more regularly. Having too much air in tyres can also be a problem, as it can leave the tyres more prone to blowing out. Refer to your vehicle handbook to check the ideal tyre pressures for your van.

. Check the Engine Air Filter – having a dirty air filter can shorten the life of an engine.